Sunday, March 12, 2006

Welcome to My Fabulous Life!

Okay, so it begins.

With some trepidation, and not a little humility, I have decided to give in to the constant requests -- nay, the PLEAS -- from the great unwashed masses out there to share my story with those who, obviously, can't possibly even BEGIN to approach the level of sheer glamour and excitement which is MY LIFE.

For those of you without cable television, a DVD player or access to any form of popular culture media outlets, allow me to introduce myself. My name Is Ron Oliver. You may now go to and check me out. I will wait.

Right, then, now that you're suitably impressed by my credentials -- it was the Hollywood Reporter I believe who referred to my latest motion picture as both "elegant" and "thrilling", and who am I to argue with one of Los Angeles larger organs? -- let me tell you the ground rules.

I will write about WHAT I want, WHEN I want. Sometimes I will rant about current events, occasionally I will share observations gleaned during my world travels, and once in awhile I will vent about the three pillars of stupidity upon which our civilization teeters: religion, identity and fear.

Heady topics to be sure. But I feel I'm up to it.

Are you, dear reader?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Buck. Ted here. Yes, you win - I don't have one...yet. My Fernet-filled ravings might not have the same mass appeal as your...martini-madness, not to mention the absence of my fan club (since the incredibily strange incident in Hamburg...or was it Paris...), so perhpas I'll just blather on yours!

10:55 AM  

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