Thursday, March 30, 2006


So here we are, the second to last day of filming of my new movie SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM, a film noir private eye movie starring the fabulous Chad Allen and the equally fabulous Morgan Fairchild. We have had one disaster after the next on this shoot - transportation problems, weather problems, miscommunications.... In other words, business as usual in the low budget movie world.

But we've also had an enthusiastic crew, led by my genius Director of Photography (and honorary brother) KIM MILES, which has helped a lot. That's him above, with Morgan and me. Note the identical haircuts?

Today we are shooting the police station material, where our PI talks with a police detective and much sleuthing ensues. With the help of his trusty sidekick Kenny Kwon - played by NELSON WONG - the mystery gets solved and we all live happily ever after!

The best part of the day will be the arrival of Carlotta Gurl, local drag queen, who I try to put in all my movies -- I firmly believe one should always add a drag queen in a movie for good luck. We've also have product placement from my favorite vodka, BELVEDERE - they've been great and we shot their product in a party scene with such attention to detail and lighting you'd think the hooch was delivered from the Gods!!!

Which, in my opinion, it is!

Anyway, must run and drive the 1 hr out to the location - shooting in vancouver of course is lovely, but the traffic and road system here is like something out of the 18th century -- you can't get anywhere out of the city in less than an hour!!


Blogger ytvfan said...

Can you please talk about your days at YTV? Theres a huge internet rumour going around that you were the voice of Snit and I was hoping you could dispell or confirm these rumours.

12:47 AM  
Blogger ron oliver said...

hey ytv fan; sorry to take so long to reply to this, I just noticed it for the first time today! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but no I wasn't the voice of "Snit", whatever that was....

9:45 AM  

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